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The Four Seasons: Summer by Robert Darvas

February 27 2015

Robert Darvas
Robert Darvas

Robert Darvas was born in 1903 in Budapest and passed away prematurely in 1957, he was one of the best designers of double dummy problems, and many of his deals are true pillars of Bridge literature. The best of his works, first published in 1947 was Right Through the Pack. This brilliant fantasy features each card in the deck telling its own fascinating story. Darvas was Hungarian and he was famous for his extraordinary gift of discovering the unusual features of hands. The world of the Bridge also remembered for his maneuver called «Robert Coup«. (Source:

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The two spent much time together, chiefly at the bridge table. It was already July when they played together in the garden of the club once more.

Sum 2In the last rubber they were sitting East-West when the following hand cropped up: Violet, sitting West attacked with the 9. Dummy gave the 5, East (Martin), winning with the king. He returned the 0J South gave low and Violet covered with the king! Declarer was clever enough to duck by giving the 3 from dummy. The defence had already two tricks and Violet to the third trick tackled the third suit leading the Q.

Dummy’s king won, and a small club was led. East hopped up at once with the king and returned a spade. Declarer finessed, lost and West made the the setting trick. The next hand was an easy game for East-West and the play was concluded.

Violet and Martin departed from the club in the best of humours and Martin analysed their defence against the three no trumps like this:

The setting of the three no trumps was the product of a partnership on the highest level. Perfect defence can be made only if both partners help each other but have their own ideas too, which demand to be helped.

Now let us look how the above theory was served by our practice. As I made the K, I saw no sense in continuing the attack in hearts, my diamond suit on the other hand promised something. Note, that at any other return the game would have been easily fulfilled. South gave low and your king unblocking was a magnificent deed in helping my plan.

Declarer helped our diamond action by ducking the first round. If you had not played the king he would have taken at once with the diamond ace and could have established the club suit the diamond suit being blocked.

Your switch to the Q was the initiating of a new attack. This turn was the only way to success. Diamond continuation would have been futile as I had only one entry, the K and you had no more dia-monds. Dummy made the A and played a club. Now it was again essential to make the trick at once by my king. In contrary case, namely you taking the trick could not play a spade because of the tenace, and by ducking clubs declarer would have the opportunity to establish a spade for the winning trick. In that case declarer could have made three hearts, three spades two diamonds, and one club. Against our – defence, after my first trick, declarer was helpless.

On this hand, we showed the best qualities of excellent partnership: help for one another, but independence if necessary. I crave for a similar partner in my life, Violet, marry me!» And so it happened …


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