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The Four Seasons: Autumm by Robert Darvas

Tuesday March 10, 2015

Robert Darvas
Robert Darvas

Robert Darvas was born in 1903 in Budapest and passed away prematurely in 1957, he was one of the best designers of double dummy problems, and many of his deals are true pillars of Bridge literature. The best of his works, first published in 1947 was Right Through the Pack. This brilliant fantasy features each card in the deck telling its own fascinating story. Darvas was Hungarian and he was famous for his extraordinary gift of discovering the unusual features of hands. The world of the Bridge also remembered for his maneuver called «Robert Coup«. (Source:

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Weather and mood . . . is there really any connection or relation? As I am writing a short-story, even if only a bridge-story, I am obliged to accept and follow the professional rules. Outdoors: infinite, dull rain; indoors depressing weak cards for Martin and Violet. One of them the following:Otoño M1

Violet made two undertricks, but as- the post mortem showed that East-West had an easy six clubs, Martin made no comment and Violet sat motionless and speechless in the pose of feeling cold. At the end of the rubber Violet complained of having a headache.

They stopped playing and went home. At home Violet remained isolated, but Martin mused about the interesting hands which occurred—this was an everyday custom of his.

«Bad cards, that’s what we had. However we operated rather well in the adverse position. For instance it was a good action your sacrifice in six diamonds. Yes, but it was a reckless attempt of yours to bluff with a higher suit, it was luck that I understood in time the situation and didn’t correct the bidding to six spades.»

«Your analysis is one of the greatest disappointments in my life. My attempt was reckless, and you had a lucky understanding?»

Violet spoke in a clearly articulated but low tone—» Please, Martin, listen now to me: You bungled that bidding! Without your four spade bid, I could have probably bought the contract for four doubled hearts, which was a laydown. But your bid forced me to unmask myself as a bluffer and the opponents got the initiative to bid a slam.

«I was compelled to make the preference bid of four spades, and just here lies the weak point of your bidding, and of your argumentation.

«I showed no force by my bidding one spade after one club, but later I jumped into four hearts, I believed that my intelligent partner must appreciate that the curious dynamic of my bidding means an independent action, to which I needed no help. It seems, my bidding was false and bad.»

Martin opposed still, but Violet made no further remarks. And so took place their first quarrel.


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