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The FIGB carries bridge to TV

"Bandera de la FIGB"

 Source: FIGB (Federazione Italiana Gioco Bridge)

On Wednesday, April 24, on Channel Rai Sport 2 in Italy will begin a series of programs dedicated to Bridge. The Rai Sport 2 is a channel focused exclusively on sports reporting.

This is not the first time the bridge is part of the programming of the channel Rai Sport, in 2009 the same channel aired a series of programs focused on bridge, organized by the current President of the FIGB (Italian Federation Bridge). No doubt this will be a valuable tool for the visibility and dissemination of bridge as a sport.

This 2013 begins a new adventure, with a new transmission every two weeks. The first episode will air on April 24 at 18.30 Italian time on Rai Sport 2 (repeated at 00.20). The testimony of honor for this baptism is the President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, President of FIGB Gianni Medugno and Deputy Director, Rai Sport, Jacopo Volpi.

Gianni Medugno


Giovanni Malago


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Gianni Medugno   Giovanni Malago   Jacopo Volpi

The show, 30 minutes long, plus interviews, will air a video covering the Pairs Championship Final played in March 2013, the classification and the early stages of the  «Club Rosa» and information about recent national and international bridge tournaments.

This new season of bridge on Italian television, is set to two cycles of 8 episodes each. The second cycle will include a didactic approach to the bridge. This new FIGB venture is sponsored by the Angelini Group, a key partner for all media and popular initiatives.


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