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The End for Giorgio Duboin & Antonio Sementa

Francesca Canali
Francesca Canali

 Source: BDI-Online, leggi in italiano

 Monte-Carlo, the Monaco Patton, Giorgio Duboin, during a break, made some remarks to BDI-Online.

Giorgio Duboin : My partnership with Antonio Sementa is ended. His contract with the Lavazza expires at the end of 2013 and Antonio has already signed for the Angelini team. Now the team consists of : Giorgio Duboin, Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Guido Ferraro … at least for now.

Antonio Sementa

At least for now?

Yes, because we could actually hire a fifth player.

¿Who could be?

We do not know yet.

If you could hire any player, who would he/she be?

I do not know exactly, but we might give some young players the opportunity to participate in tournaments with us. In summary, we could call some people to join the team for a short time or for a single event, before taking the final decision.

Georgio Duboin - Guido Ferraro
Georgio Duboin – Guido Ferraro

So You will play with Guido Ferraro?

 In fact, we intend to rotate, and Maria Teresa Lavazza, finally, will participate more often in competitions.

Therefore, there may be a revival of your partnership with Norberto Bocchi?

Well … I do not know, it could happen. I will definitely play with Agustin and with Guido, perhaps even with Norberto.

It seems that Lavazza has several decisions to make?…

Yes, it’s true. We need to talk together and calmly. At the moment we have not decided if we will participate in the trials.

The WBF has given the points earned in the World Team Championship in Bali. According to the contest, you havent received the world title, while the masterpoints recognized are in relation to the second place.

Yes? I did not know. I’m not surprised, we must respect the rules, so no recrimination. We did not play the final, so if those are the rules…it’s OK.

Thanks for the clarification. When we have more time maybe we can talk in more detail about the evolution of this new situation. Meanwhile, good luck.


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