The Drury Convention

Drury Convention

Drury is a conventional 2 response by a passed hand after partner opens 1 or 1 in third or fourth seat. The 2 bid is artificial, showing a limit raise with 10-12 support points and 3+ card support.

Playing Drury, responder can keep the bidding low at the 2-level instead of making a jump raise. Since many partnerships open light in third or fourth seat, responder wants to bid conservatively opposite a weak hand.

Opener’s Rebids

After opening 1 and hearing a 2 response, opener’s rebids are:

2 A sub-minimum hand (10-12 points)
2 A normal opening bid (12+ points)
All other bids   Natural, with normal opening values (12+ points)

After opening 1 and hearing 2:

2 A sub-minimum hand
2 Natural, 4+ hearts, but does not guarantee a full opening bid
2 A normal opening bid
All other bids   Natural, with at least normal opening values

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