The Aces of Bridge by Bobby Wolff

Bobby Wolff

Lakeland Ledger – 29 Sep 2007

Diego Brenner
Diego Brenner

Today’s deal from the final of the South American Championship was reported originally by the Brazilian Star Diego Brenner.

East dealer N/S vulnerable

  Q 5 4
9 5
K J 10 2
J 10 4 2
6 2
Q 9 7 6 3
Q 8 7 6 5
  J 10 9 3
A J 7 3
8 5 4
9 3

A 8 7 6 2
K Q 10 8 4
West North East South
    Pass 1
Pass 2 Pass 4
The end      

Lead: 6

Four spades by South was the contract at one table. South for Brazil won the diamond lead and led the heart king from hand. East won with the ace and returned a club, South won cashed the heart queen and then ruffed a heart in dummy, West discarding. Now came a club to hand for another heart lead this time West ruffing in. With East due to two more trump tricks the game had to fail.

Alejandro Bianchedi
Alejandro Bianchedi

At the other table Alejandro Bianchedi from Argentina was at work. He received a club lead, and also played the heart king at trick two. Bianchedi won the club return and continued with a low spade won perforce by West. Winning the diamond return in hand declarer continued with a spade to the queen, then de diamond king, on which he discarded a heart. A diamond ruff to hand was followed by the queen of hearts then a heart ruff with dummy’s last trump.

In the three card ending with the lead in dummy and declarer needing two tricks. South had only A-8 spades left while East has J 10 trumps. But when Bianchedi led dummy’s diamond jack East had no winning option. If he ruffs declarer discards his heart and comes to both his trump tricks. If East discards, South ruffs in with the spade 8 and cashes the ace for hios 10th trick