6th World Bridge Championships 1982, Biarritz

It’s usually good strategy to prevent your opponents from exchanging information, and that accounts for the way I played this hand from the second session of the Mixed Pairs.

  Q 3
Q J 7 4 2
A K Q 10 8
A K 8 7 2
K 9 5
9 6 3
  9 5
9 6
A J 10 6 3 2
J 5 4
  J 10 6 4
10 8 5 3
Q 8 4
7 2
West  North   East  South 
1* 2NT** Dbl 3
3 Pass 3NT All Pass

(1) Strong hand (2) Clubs and hearts (3) 5-7 high card points

After my partner, Jo Morse, showed her spade suit, I was hard-pressed for a bid. If I had only one of the opponents suits stopped, I probably would have been afraid to bid 3NT, but with both suits unstopped, I didn’t hesitate.

Not surprisingly, I got a heart lead, won by dummy’s ace.

I realized I couldn’t afford to let North signal the club strength, so I led a low diamond from dummy, finessed, and shuddered.

I was going down two if South led a club. But, with little to go on, she led another heart and I didn’t fool around — I just took my nine tricks and ran.

It turned out to be an excellent board — we got almost all the matchpoints. But I sure was sweating it out when South was thinking about what to return after winning her Q.