denver 2015 1DENVER FALL 2015 NABC – NOV 26-DIC 6

The 2015 Fall NABC is being played in Denver let us look some interesting deals from the bulletin’s series: Take all your chances at bridge – 7 by Eddie Kantar.


1NT by you, 3NT by partner gets you the 6 lead. You play low from dummy, East wins with the queen and shifts to the J. Plan the play.


You start with eight top tricks with multiple chances for a ninth. As it happens, the good old Rule of Eleven once again gives you your best chance. Assuming the 6 is a fourth-highest lead, East has one heart higher than the 6 – and you have already seen the queen.

Using that information, you can develop your ninth trick in hearts with zero risk. Win the A (key play) and lead a low heart, intending to insert the 9 (winning the trick) if West plays low. If West plays the 10, win the ace and play the 9, driving out the king and establishing the J for your ninth trick.

If the 9 loses to East’s 10 or king, the Rule of Eleven has not been repealed. For some reason, West has decided not to lead a fourth-best heart. He may have led from any number of other heart holdings with East figuring out not to return the suit. However, even if East wins the second heart trick and continues with a spade, you still survive if East has the K.

The full deal: