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Take all your chances at bridge – 1 by Eddie Kantar

denver 2015 1DENVER FALL 2015 NABC – NOV.26-DEC.6

The 2015 Fall NABC is being played in Denver let us look some interesting deals from the bulletin»s series: Take all your chances at bridge – 1 by Eddie Kantar



You are South, holding what no doubt is among your best hands ever. You open 2 and eventually find out via control-showing bids that partner has the  A K. What you can’t find out is if there is a way to get to them! Nonetheless, you wind up bidding 6, hoping you don’t go minus! West leads the Q. Plan the play.


You have several chances to get to the top diamonds in dummy (a lady in one of my classes once walked over to the other side of the table to get there). You can hope the 8 is singleton, in which case the 7 is the online casino entry. Also, if the 8 isn’t singleton, you can lead up to the Q. If West has the king, you make the contract. But why take risky chances when you don’t have to? Win the opening lead and lead a low heart toward the 7-6 in dummy. Somebody wins the 8, but dummy’s remaining heart is the entry to the top diamonds. How sweet it is.

The full deal:

aaxxdenver 2015 1



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