Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 6


NABC New orleans 2015Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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6th Day: Vanderbilt reduced to 32, top 10 seeds intact

 Lotan Fisher
Lotan Fisher

The 13 seed turned out not to be so lucky for Bob Hamman’s squad. They made an early exit on their first day of Vanderbilt action as play enters the round of 32 today. Other upsets include the defeat of the Gupta team (Vinita Gupta, Billy Miller, Dennis Bilde, Morten Bilde, Peter Bertheau and Per-Ola Cullin) by the Chinese Ladies Red team, seeded 48.

Dennis Bilde
Dennis Bilde

Playing for the Chinese women are Wen Fei Wang and Ran Jingrong, who won the Women’s Pairs in 2014 and who were part of the winning Wagar KO team last year. Paul Fireman’s all-star 26 seed – Gavin Wolpert, John Kranyak, Vincent Demuy, John Hurd and Joel Wooldridge – fell to the international Vytautas squad, 136–89, while Phyllis Fireman’s all-women 40 seed applied the pressure in the last quarter to edge by the Stan Tulin squad 99–97.

Chris Willenken
Chris Willenken & cia

Memphis duo leading Rockwell Mixed

Pairs Amy Downing and Michael Schreiber of Memphis put together two strong games to lead the field in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs by slightly more than half a board on a top of 64. The married couple scored 62.95% in the first qualifying session and followed with a 61.15% game in the second. The two good games gave them a carryover of 290.26 with two final sessions to play. Right behind the leaders are Marshall Lewis, Bloomington IN, and Lee De Simone, Paso Robles CA, with a carryover of 253.40. Right behind them are Sandra and Doug Fraser of Victoria BC with a carryover of 250.79.

First Positions:

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