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Hi all šŸ˜†Ā 

Spingold keeps going and today is the quarter final day. These are the scheduled matches:

Team Grue – Lavazza
Silverstein – Monaco
Hamman – Team Assael
Meltzer – Schwartz

Before joining the table, I will tell you about an interesting board from the last segment in the evening, yesterday:

Spingold 2014 Fantoni

In both the rooms, West is declarer in 4.Ā 

Claudio and I are playing in defense. On my K lead, Claudio plays the 4, showing attitude in the suit. I play the A, which unequivocally means that Ace and King are stiff, and Claudio puts the 9 to show values in the highest suit between the two remaining ones (Hearts and Diamonds; besides, during the auction we bidded Hearts and found Hearts fit). Claudio sees the possibility to take with his K if I have the Ace.

I play the J in order to let my partner know that I don’t have the A (in that case I would play a low one in order to invite him to take with his K). So now Claudio knows that if declarer doesn’t put the Q he has to play a low card.

And so it is, West calls a small one from dummy, Claudio puts a low one and declarer takes with the A. The 9 goes to dummy’s Ace, then West plays Hearts from dummy, ruffs, cashes the K and comes back to dummy by playing a small Spades to the 7. He ruffs another Hearts and plays Clubs, so endplaying South…

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