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Spingold 2014: Round of 16 Board 2

Las vegas LogoJuly 24th 2014

In the Round of 16 of the Spingold 2014, the Nickell team played against the Hamman team.

The first double digit swing appeared in board number two.Spingold 2014 Hammann-Nickell S1 Tab 2

 Board 2

 After Glubok’s 1 opening bid, Lee showed his heart suit. Glubok continued showing his 4 spades cards and Lee supported his partner’s second suit. South closed the 4 game.

Lead: 5

Weinstein led his fifth diamond. The declarer won the lead with the A, and played a heart to dummy’s K to continue with a spade to his J.

 West won with his K and left his hand playing the 5. Levin won with his A and returned a club ruffed by his partner.

The trump ace was the setting trick.Spingold 2014 Hammann-Nickell S1 Tab 2 a

At the other table N/S were more careful in their bidding sequence.

Katz also opened with a 1 bid and Nickell also showed his heart suit. Katz continued showing his spade suit, but when he find out that his partner also had 4 spade cards, he showed his forcing game hand with no ruff values with a 3NT call, his partner with a balanced hand passed.

The comfortable Q position, helped declarer to make 10 tricks and to win 12 IMPs for his team.




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