Las vegas LogoSaturday July 26th 2014

In Board 42 of the 3rd segment of the Spingold 2014 SemiFinal: Lavazza-Monaco, both teams arrived to the slam using very different approachs.Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S3 Tab 42 a

 Board 42

Helgemo-Helness (Monaco Team)

Helness opened with a 1 bid, Helgemo answered 2 (GF), Helness continued with a heart splinter 3, showing a non balanced hand with short hearts. Helgemo supported his partner’s suit and after some cue-bids, East asked keycards and closed the slam when he realized they were one keycard short.

Tor Helness y Geir Helgemo.
Tor Helness y Geir Helgemo.

This is the video where Agustin Madala explains how he bidded the hand with his partner Norberto Bocchi:

Madala-Bocchi (Lavazza Team)

Bocchi also opened 1 but in this case Madala used the 2 call, as a relay mechanism to get his partner’s hand shape and strength [ilink url=»»]GAR[/ilink].

Bocchi showed the two black suits and Madala with his 3, denied three spades cards, he would have used the 3 relay to show three cards.

Bocchi’s 3 (1st step) showed a minimum hand, and Madala’s 4 supported his partner’s second suit.

Bocchi-Madala continued to the club slam…

Lavazza Team Spingold 2014
Lavazza Team Spingold 2014