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Spingold 2014: One Step Ahead

Las vegas LogoMonday July 28th, 2014

Team Schwartz
Team Schwartz

This Sunday, July 27, 2014 the Schwartz team defeated the  Monaco powerhouse team and won the 2014 Spingold Trophy.

 Schwartz Team: Richard Schwartz, capitan del equipo ganador, Allan Graves, Ron Schwartz, Lotan Fisher, Espen Lindqvist y Boye Brogeland.

 Monaco Team: Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Tor Helness y Geir Helgemo, el capitan del equipo Pierre Zimmermann y su partner, Franck Multon.

This is a board played in the first set of the match where Pierre Zimmermann, Captain of Monaco, stepped forward  and added 9 IMPs for his team.Spingold 2014 Monaco-Schwartz S1 Tab 9

Board 28

Helness opened 1, Helgemo showed his heart suit and closed the 3NT game when his partner denied 4 heart cards.

 The 3 lead, helped declarer to make the first two diamond tricks, he continued playing heart and when Fisher played his king he claimed  10 tricks to score +630. Spingold 2014 Monaco-Schwartz S1 Tab 9 a

 At the other table Multon opened his hand with a 2 bid, showing a weak two suits hand with spades and a minor. Schwartz passed and Zimmermann knowing that E/W had enough points for game decided  to make them difficult the task of finding where to play.

Pierre chose a sufficiently confused call to make Graves-Schwartz believe that he had the points each one lacked: 3.

Zimmermann got East/West silence. Declarer finished 5 down in his club partscore…but added 9 IMPs to his team score.




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