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Spingold 2014: Lavazza – Monaco Match

Las vegas LogoSaturday July 26 2014

2014 Spingold semi-finals

These were the results after the second set:

1 Lavazza [8] 13 50
4 Monaco 34 88
2 Team Assael [10] 26 47
3 Schwartz [19] 11 48

 These are the boards that produced double digit swings during the second segment:

When the match was 7 to 1 for Lavazza, board 21 appeared over the table:Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 21

Board 21.

After hearing a 1 response over his 1 opening bid, Duboin invited to play game in spades and Zia accepted. Declarer with any possibility was one down.Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 21 a

 At the other table after Fantoni’s 1 opening bid, Bianchedi didn’t pass and showed his diamond suit. Nunes doubled and Madala thinking that N/S had a spade game and expecting more distribution in his partner’s hand, said 5. Nunes chose to penalize, declarer was four down = 14 IMPs.

At the next board Multon-Zimmermann declared a slam and were one down, Madala-Bianchedi stayed at the game level receiving a 13 IMPs reward.

Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 23Board 23

 After Fantoni’s 2 opening bid in the third position 10-13 (good 9) 5+ no-balanced; in 3rd can be weaker) and max 12, Bianchedi finished as 3NT declarer that Nunes doubled.

Claudio led his Q, Bianchedi played a small from dummy and Fantoni played the 8. Nunes continued with a small heart, declarer played the K and run his six diamonds. When he continued with a spade, Fantoni won with his ace and played a little club. Nunes claimed the rest of the tricks. Two down.

At the other table, Multon-Zimmermann played 3 and scored +110 = 12 IMPs. Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 24

Board 24

Madala opened with a 3 bid and  Fantoni showed the majors. Bianchedi closed the diamond slam. Now was N/S move. Nunes passed and Fantoni decided to play with 6…now was time for a Bianchedi double.

Lead: A

Bianchedi led his A, continued with his A and a  small club, his partner ruffed. Declarer was three down. At the other table N/S played 4 no doubled; one down. 10 IMPS for Lavazza.

Both teams played a spade Grand slam in board 28. The next swing was:Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 29

 Board 29

Fantoni opened 2 = 10-13 (good 9) 5+ no balanced; in 3rd can be weake and max 12 (13), after two pass, Madala reopened with a double and  invited to game when his partner showed a heart suit. Bianchedi didn’t accepted, declarer made 9 tricks = +140.

 At the other table Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 29 aDuboin opened 1, Mahmood answered 1 and Multon doubled. Duboin rebid his clubs and y East showed his heart suit. West closed the heart game after hearing Zia’s club support.

Mahmood led his A, continued with the and a . Duboin ruffed with the trump queen and returned the K, declarer won with the A, draw trumps and claimed 10 tricks. Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 30

 The hand was 10 IMPs for Monaco.

 Board 30

Fantoni competed with 3 and E/W chose to penalize. Declarer had to lose 6 tricks for -300.

At the other table after Duboin’s double reopening bis, Zia didn’t stop till 3NT, expecting some help from his partner.Spingold 2014 Monaco-Lavazza S2 Tab 30 a

 This wasn’t his day and he was 4 down, doubled= -800 = 11 IMPs for Monaco.


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