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Spingold 2013: The Best of Two Worlds

At the end of a teams match, each team gets together to compare the results that each pair of the team scored in their table. The comparison is board to board and column by column … from time to time in one of the boards both tables scored in the same column … and if the score is positive in both … the team sum for having become declarer in both tables and the grand prize is when both tables were game declarers… that’s like find yourself in the best of two worlds …

  The Spingold 2013 final faced two teams: Bridge 24 (an incredible team of only 4 players from Poland: Jacek Kalita, Michael Nowosadski, Rafal Jagniewski and Wojciech Gawel) and the Grue team with exquisite players from USA, Canada , France and Sweden: Joe Grue, Les Amoils, Brad Moss, Thomas Bessis, Peter Bertheau and Jacob Morgan. In the first 16 boards set when the match was Bridge 24 11 – Grue 0, appeared this board over the table:

 Board 3

Moss opened his hand with a 1 bid, Grue showed his heart suit and Kalita preempted with 3. After two pass, Grue closed the 4 game…Kalita perhaps because he was vulnerable chose to pass…Declarer didnt have any problem to make his 10 tricks annd add + 420 to his column.

 At the other table Gawela also opened  with 1 and Jagniewski answered 1 showing hearts, but now Morgan preempted to the 4th level with 4 and and no one returned to open his mouth…declarer lose one heart, one club and one diamond, to add +620 to his column.

The magic to score in the same column is that both results add …+420+620= 1040 = 15 IMPs and so the team Grue found itself in the best of two worlds …


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