The next Fall NABC will be in Denver so let us look some interesting deals from the 1978 Denver, NABC.

This is the second of them…. Read the first one a Bob Hamman’s hand Click Here

Sometimes you’re helpless

When declarer figures out your hand to the last card, there is nothing you can do if he does everything right. That what happened to West on this deal from the Mixed Pairs first qualifying session:


The opponents had bid both of his four-card suits, so West led a club away from his ace. Declarer, Mike Moss, won this with the queen, then played the diamonds correctly for four tricks. East was busy throwing away spades, so Mike decided to go for a strip and endplay. He took two spades, ending in hand, then led a heart to the king. A heart back gave West three hearts tricks, but then he was down to the  A 8 and had to surrender the ninth trick to the K.