Solution: How Do You Play I?


Source: Asociacion Española de Bridge

 Dealer South N/Vulnerable


Q 10 8 7
A Q 10 5 2
J 6 5




A K J 9
A K 9
A 8 6 3 2

West     North       East       South
Paso 1 Paso 1
Paso 2 Paso 4NT
Paso 5* Paso 5**
Paso 5NT*** Paso 6

* 1 of 5 keycards

** Ask for the queen trump

***I have it, and I dont have K

Lead: J

First Trick J, Q,K,A…how do you play? You have escaped a trump lead and now you are able to play a «cross-ruff: making 4 trumps from each hand plus (A, Ay K y A) for a total of 12 tricks.
However, yu must take a simple precaution before starting to ruff: immediately play A and K, to prevent a possible diamond discards from a defender, who will afterwards be able to ruff your diamond winners.
The correct line is: play the A, continue with A and K, play A and begun with the cross-ruff.