Dragan Markovic-JC Ventin

 Slava Cup: February 21 – 23, 2014 in the Danilovskaya Hotel. Thank You to Slawek Latala for the photos!

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The Slava Cup in honor of the disappeared Russian bridge player, Slava Grinuk, has become one of the most prestigious events in Russia.

Team tournament: TOP 8
The team tournament consists of two stages. On the first stage the teams play a complete round-robin qualifier (7 matches x 14 boards). The result of each match shall be calculated in IMP and then converted into VP in accordance with the official scale of World Bridge Federation (20:0). At the end of the round-robin qualifier the first two ranked teams will play final to determine the title (4 segments x 14 boards), the third and the forth places will play the match for third place (3 segments x 14 boards), the 5 – 8 places play round-robin (3 matches x 14 boards) with 100% of the IMPs and VPs achieved against the other not qualified 3 teams from the first round-robin.

First day: Friday February 21th

After the first 4 matches the Ventin team: Sabine AUKEN, Roy WELLAND, Juan Carlos VENTIN, Dragan MARKOVICH, Mustafa Cem TOKAY is leading the field with 53.92 VP. Second is Zaleski team: Romain ZALESKI, Philippe CRONIER, Andrea MANNO, Massimo LANZAROTTI with 48.27 VP.

[ilink url=»http://csbnews.org/?p=49742″] Read some boards from the Ventin-Israel match[/ilink]

rk team Auken Zaleski Neth. Israel Monaco Vainikonis Real Bulgaria VPs
1 Auken   15.06   16.21 4.74     17.91 53.92
2 Zaleski 4.94     13.48   13.48 15.66   47.56
3 Netherlands       10.00 13.23   7.56 15.26 46.05
4 Israel 3.79 6.52 10.00     19.56     39.87
5 Monaco 15.26   6.77     6.28   9.34 37.65
6 Vainikonis   6.52   0.44 13.72   16.72   37.40
7 Real   4.34 12.44     3.28   17.04 37.10
8 Bulgaria 2.09   4.74   10.66   2.96   20.45

  In the last round of the day Monaco team, the defending 2013 champion, faced Ventin the field leader. The match ended with a Monaco victory by 15.26 to 4.74. The first difference was in board two and it was a huge swing.

Board 13: After Ventin’s 1 opening bid, Fantoni showed his spade suit. Tokay showed a competitive hand with hearts and Nunes invited to play the spade game with a heart cue bid. Finally Fantunes declared 4 and N/S choose to defend.

South led a club and declarer had 10 easy tricks. Only a heart or diamond lead, defeats the contract, defense needs to develop tricks before the A is knocked out.

 At the other table HH played an easy 4 cold contract.

 The board gave 15 IMPs to Monaco. In the next board Ventin team recovered 11 IMPs founding the way to make a 4 contract, where Monaco was one down.

 Board 19: Monaco arrived to a spade slam. At the other table Auken-Welland choose to stop at the fifth level, they made the same number of tricks…but cost them 11 IMPs.

 After Welland’s 1 opening bid, showing a non balance hand with spades, Auken’s 1NT was a forcing to game.The partnership decided to play 5, the K on side…assures 12 tricks.

Fantunes arrived to the slam and received a club lead from North. The play was easy…and gave them 11 IMPs.

   Board 21, Ventin team found its last IMPs:

 HH arrived to 3NT. Auken led the 7 and the A won the first trick. Helness continued with the J, Welland played his Q and switched to the 4. Declarer played a small spade, Auken played her Q and dummy’s A won to continue playing the 10.

Welland played a small club, East won with her K and returned a spade. Now North found himself in his hand with the J, and if he plays K y Q, as J drops, the 10 is the ninth trick.

 But declarer choose to play a club, West won with his A, and this was the end position:

  Welland played his K. Helness won with dummy’s A…and played theJ. Welland played his Q but returned his last heart, and declarer had to lose dummy’s last spade for one down.

Mustafa Cem Tokay

At the other table the contract was 1…and 7 IMPs for Ventin.