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Slava Cup 2014: Ventin Leads After the First Three Matches

 Slava Cup: February 21 – 23, 2014 in the Danilovskaya Hotel.

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The Slava Cup in honor of the disappeared Russian bridge player, Slava Grinuk, has become one of the most prestigious events in Russia.

Team tournament: TOP 8
The team tournament consists of two stages. On the first stage the teams play a complete round-robin qualifier (7 matches x 14 boards). The result of each match shall be calculated in IMP and then converted into VP in accordance with the official scale of World Bridge Federation (20:0). At the end of the round-robin qualifier the first two ranked teams will play final to determine the title (4 segments x 14 boards), the third and the forth places will play the match for third place (3 segments x 14 boards), the 5 – 8 places play round-robin (3 matches x 14 boards) with 100% of the IMPs and VPs achieved against the other not qualified 3 teams from the first round-robin.

First day: Friday february 21th

Results after three matches:

rk team Auken Nether. Zaleski Vainikonis Israel Monaco Real Bulgaria VPs
1 Auken     15.06   16.21     17.91 49.18
2 Netherlands           13.23 7.56 15.26 36.05
3 Zaleski 4.94       13.48   15.66   34.08
4 Vainikonis         0.44 13.72 16.72   30.88
5 Israel 3.79   6.52 19.56         29.87
6 Monaco   6.77   6.28       9.34 22.39
7 Real   12.44 4.34 3.28         20.06
8 Bulgaria 2.09 4.74       10.66     17.49
Juan Carlos Ventin
Juan Carlos Ventin

 The Juan Carlos Ventin team this year is playing with Dragan Markovich, the rest of the team is [ilink url=»»]Sabine Auken, Roy Welland[/ilink] and Mustafa Cem Tokay, and after the first three matches is leading the field.

  Sabine Auken-Roy Welland, they are going to play in the German Open team in the next EC in Opatija 2014, are second in the pairs butler, having played all the matches. They have an incredible agressive style, they open or compite in almost all the hands, specially those that are unbalanced.

In the first match the Ventin team played against Israel, winning 38 to 14 IMPs = 16.03 a 3.97 VPs.  The first swing was for Israel, they brought home a 4 vulnerable and doubled game in one room, and sacrificed in 5 clubs no vulnerable doubled, one down in the other = 13 IMPs.

Since that board, Ventin took control of the match:

 In Board 6 Ventin-Markovic sacrificed in 5 one down doubled. Auken-Welland played and made 4.

In Board 7 Auken-Welland arrived to a 4 game, done. Israel played a spade partscore, 3 and made 10 tricks.

In Board 12 Welland opened with a 3 bid, O. Herbst doubled, Auken advanced to 4, the little space left made that the Herbst brothers had to play 5 one down. Ventin-Tokay played and made 4.

These are all the boards played:

Ventin in this moment is playing against Monaco…you can watch the match in BBO…



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