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Sanya 2014: Ventin en la Semifinal

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Tuesday October 21, 2014

14th Red Bull World Bridge Series: Teams







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The Rosemblum was in its quarterfinals when teams Ventin and Lavazza clashed. Lavazza has Zia Mahmood, one of the recent winners of the World Mixed Teams, Ventin has two of them, the Auken-Welland partnership. Two days ago when Mark Horton asked Zia how many World titles he had, Zia said … only a few but I hope to have more next week.

Zia mas campeon en esp

In the last QF set, as they say in my country, both teams put all the meat on the grill: Wrang formed with Upmark (both from Sweden) and Welland-Auken. Lavazza did not stay behind … Bocchi – Madala and Duboin with Zia.

At the beginning of last Set Ventin was 6 IMPs ahead. At the end of the set Ventin had happened to arrive to the semi-final and Lavazza said goodbye to the Rosenblum Cup dream.

lets see some boards that made the difference. The match began with a two digits swing.Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 1

Board 1

 After Bocchi’s 2 opening bid, Upmark showed his diamond suit with a 3 call. Madala supported his partner’s suit with 3 and Wrang invited to slam with a spade cuebid. Upmark showed his club control and Wrang with a club void chose to play game.

 The defense made the first two tricks, the A and the K…and the declarer claimed…

 At the other table, the bidding was much more aggressive and took the Lavazza team to the point of having to guess the contract level… and finally erred in the choice.Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 1 b

Auken opened her hand with a 3 bid and Zia declared the diamond game. Welland pass and who can blame Duboin for his 6?

Bad luck, the defense also made ​​the first two tricks = 10 IMPs.

 Lavazza’s reaction was immediate. Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 2 sub

Board 2

After hearing that his partner had 6 diamond cards, Bocchi arrived to the diamond slam.

 After losing the A, the declarer claimed 12 tricks.

 At the other table Auken-Welland chose to play in 3NT, which cost them 12 IMPs.

From Board 3 to board 5 Lavazza added 5 IMPs getting nearer and nearer.Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 6

Board 6

Upmark opened 1, Madala Pass and Wrang said 3 (weak). Bocchi showed his clubs, Upmark competed in diamonds and Madala closed the club game.

Nobody said anything.

Upmark led his K, continued with the A and Bocchi claimed 11 tricks.

At the other table Zia didn’t stop.

Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 6 b  After hearing Auken – Welland declare the game, Zia doubled, and Duboin correct to 5, one down, good bridge, 7 IMPs more for Lavazza.

Two boards later appeared the next swing.Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 8

Board 8

Duboin opened 1NT and Zia transferred to spades. Duboin showed his 4 cards support and Auken doubled for take out. Zia passed, and Welland closed the club game.

Duboin passively led a trump. Welland won in his hand and continued with the heart finesse, after winning the trick with theQ, cashed the A and ruffed a heart in his hand with the Q, watching the K over the table. He draw the last trump with the K, played the good hearts to pitch diamonds…and claimed 11 tricks.

At the other table after Wrang’s 1NT opening bid, Bocchi said 2, final contract. Although Bocchi made ​​10 tricks the board cost him 6 IMPs.

From board 8 to board 13 the Ventin team added 20 IMPs more and in Board 14, the set last board, they closed the match with a double digit swing to celebrate their victory.Sanya 2014 Ventin Lavazza QF S 3 tablilla 14 b

Board 14

Zia opened 1, Welland doubled, Auken showed her four spade cards. Welland rebid 1NT showing his strong hand and Auken closed the game.

Lead: Q

 Declarer hol up his king, but won with the K the J return and played four diamond rounds. In the last two Zia, very uncomfortable and squeezed, chose to pitch two hearts. Welland continued with a heart, covering with the A, Zia’s Q and played another heart to the 10.

At the same time as Zia was winning the with his K, declarer was claiming 9 tricks and the match…and their ticket to the semifinal.


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