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Sanya 2014: Thursday October 16, 2014

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Thursday October 16, 2014

Mixed Pairs Championship







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After the end of the World Mixed Teams Championship, won by the  Salvo team = Anita Sinclair (Inglaterra); Nafiz Zorlu (Turquia); Roy Welland y Sabine Auken (Alemania), Marion Michielsen (Holanda) y Zia Mahmood (USA), all the pairs during this thursday played the first 5 sessions of the World Mixed Pairs Championship final.

Equipo Salvo

This Tuesday ended the World Mixed Pairs Championship qualifying stage, and the field was divided into two, those who went to play the Semifinal A and those who went to play the semifinal B, both semi-finals were played on Wednesday.

These are the results of the first 5 sessions of the Final A and B, played on Thursday October 16, 2014:

Results Final A x session
  Results Final B x session
F A1   F B1
F A2   F B2
F A3   F B3
F A4   F B4
F A5   F B5

At the end of the day these are the first 16 Final A standings:

Rank Pairs   Nationality %
1 WANG Nan ZHANG Bangxiang CHN – CHN 60.58
2 BERTHEAU Peter LARSSON Jessica SWE – SWE 60.37
3 SANBORN Kerri ZHAO Jie USA – CHN 57.62
4 GROMOV Andrey GROMOVA Victoria RUS – RUS 56.59
5 DUBININ Alexander PONOMAREVA Tatiana RUS – RUS 56.15
6 KOWALSKI Apolinary MISZEWSKA Ewa POL – POL 55.98
7 SHAN Xingxing WU Zhen CHN – CHN 55.05
8 ZHAO Jian WANG Hongli CHN – CHN 54.67
9 CRONIER Philippe WILLARD Sylvie FRA – FRA 54.19
10 ZHANG Yulan YIN Men Liang CHN – CHN 54.05
11 GUNEV Rossen POPOVA Desi BUL – BUL 53.81
12 CALLAGHAN Brian DUCKWORTH Christine ENG – ENG 53.02
14 BJERKAN Cheri WEINSTEIN Howard USA – USA 52.99
15 PSZCZOLA Jacek WORTEL Meike USA – NED 52.95
16 BROCK Sally MYERS Barry ENG – ENG 52.75

All the Final A standings: Click Here

At the end of the day these are the first 16 Final B standings:

Rank Pairs   Nationality %
1 BARR Ronnie GINOSSAR Eldad ISR – ISR 61.32
2 EGGELING Marie GOTARD Thomas GER – GER 58.00
3 VAN PROOIJEN Ricco WILSON Alison NED – USA 57.93
4 DELMONTE Ishmael WEINGER Lindsey AUS – USA 56.59
5 ROSSLEE Diana STEPHENS Robert RSA – RSA 55.63
6 WENNING Karin WENNING Ulrich GER – GER 55.50
8 LARA Maria Joao OREY CAPUCHO Manuel d’ POR – POR 54.32
9 BAO Linchun ZHOU Qiang CHN – CHN 54.27
10 GLASSON Bob GLASSON Joann USA – USA 54.19
11 MA Junshan WU Zhonghua CHN – CHN 53.73
13 DEY Bharati HOODA Major Surendra Kumar IND – IND 53.60
14 SONG Yan YANG Hua USA – USA 53.47
15 TITOW Joanne TITOW Kenneth FRA – FRA 52.89

All the Final B standings: Click Here


2014 Committee of Honour
2014 Committee of Honour

At the first meeting of the WBF Executive Council held in Sanya, China on Sunday, 12th October 2014, and in accordance with the WBF By Laws, in recognition of their unselfish efforts in making a significant contribution to the enhancement and growth of bridge throughout the world :

  • Patrick Choy
  • Marc De Pauw
  • Al Levy
  • Anna-Maria Torlontano

were elected as new members of the WBF Committee of Honour and were awarded the WBF Gold Pin, joining the existing members 

  • Jean-Claude Beineix​
  • José Damiani
  • Ernesto D’Orsi
  • Panos Gerontopoulos
  • Mazhar Jafri
  • George Retek
  • Gianarrigo Rona
  • John Wignall
  • Robert S. Wolff

Also, by acclamation, the Executive Council awarded the WBF Gold Pin posthumously to :

  • Jens Auken
  • Jean-Louis Derivery

eminent and unforgettable personalities in their social life and not only in the bridge world, extraordinary persons who worked with enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the development and affirmation of our discipline and whose memory will accompany us, and all their bridge friends everywhere in the world, for the rest of our lives. Click here for more information about the WBF Committee of Honour



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