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Saturday 11th: Playing like they want to wrap up the Mixed Teams championship before the qualifying rounds end, the team captained by Sjoert Brink stands undefeated after eight matches and a full match ahead of the second-place squad. Brink, of the Netherlands, is playing with Cecilia Rimstedt of Sweden and Russians Alexander Dubinin, Andrey Gromov, Victoria Gromova and Tatiana Ponomareva. The team had only two close matches, winning by an average margin of 19.75 IMPs and averaging 12.43 victory points per round (20-point scale). Today features more Swiss qualifying. Head-to-head play begins on Monday.

These are the first 4 positions at the end of the first day of the qualifying stage:

Rank Team VPs
1 BRINK 113.46
3 PZIM 94.41
4 RIVERS 93.67

All the Standings: Click Here

Mixed Team Championship after de 1st round: 89 teams finished to play the first round, the PZIM team (Zimmermann’s team) is in the pole position:


Mixed Team’s Photos: Click Here

This Saturday October 11th, begins the Mixed Teams Qualifying stage, remember that for many of us today in China is tomorrow in our country … or the other way around?

This year the event will be broadcasted by BBO and Ourgame. To be able to watch the Championships in Ourgame you need a user name and a password: Click here

This is the first Photo Album:

We will be publishing more news as the hours pass…