Sanya 2014: Monday October 13th 2014


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Monday October 13th 2014

Mixed Teams Championship






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This Monday began the KO stage. During the day were played the Round of 32 and the Round of 16, at the end of the day had already been defined the field top 8 teams.

These are the best 8 teams that will meet in the quarter finals: wbfRossard, wbfMoss, wbfSalvo, wbfVitas, China Houchetou Blue, China Gelly Automotive, China Saic, wbfAtabey. Below Round of 16 results:

Sanya 2014 Round 16

Mixed Pairs World Championship

This Monday also began the  World Mixed Pairs Championship qualifying stage, in which are participating the pairs not classified in the Mixed Teams World  Championship.

After the first 5 sessions these are online casino the top 10 positions:

Rank Pairs   Nationality %
1 SONG Yan YANG Hua USA – USA 63.35
2 LARA Maria Joao CAPUCHO Manuel POR – POR 60.83
3 SUN Yanhui HOU Xu CHN – CHN 60.68
4 CHAGAS Gabriel PAIN Leda BRA – BRA 59.09
5 JACOBUS Brenda JACOBUS Marc USA – USA 58.01
6 JOEL Geeske WEINSTEIN Steve USA – USA 57.98
7 NG Kelvin TAN Gemma SIN – PHI 57.96
8 GONG Wangying LONG Hao CHN – CHN 57.69
9 FISCHER Doris SAURER Bernd AUT – AUT 57.47
10 DEWI Suci Amita KARWUR Franky Steven INA – INA 56.48

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The Southamerican partnership of Gabriel Chagas & Leda Pain finished the day in the fourth position.Sanya 2014 Pain-Chagas