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Sanya 2014: Madala-Kranyak or Kranyac-Madala?

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Friday October 24, 2014

14th Red Bull World Bridge Series







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Agustin Madala is one of the youngest of the current World Champions and perhaps he was the youngest … until Michael Klukowski 18 years of Poland, from the Mazurkiewicz team won the World Open Teams Championship a few hours ago.

Klukowski ingles

John Kranyak one of Lebron’s team players, he plays with Vincent Demuy, is also a young American bridge player that has already represented USA in the Bermuda Bowl, and needed a team like Monaco to stop him to win it.

In this video they are interviewing each other, a fun and also interesting dialogue to learn a little more about these two young professionals who are lucky enough to work playing bridge while enjoying it …


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