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Sanya 2014: Duboin-Zia or Zia-Duboin?

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Thursday October 23, 2014

14th Red Bull World Bridge Series







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Agustin Madala en Bali 2013
Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

The Lavazza team is considered one of the best teams in the bridge world. Logically through time, its members change, and since  more than five years ago one of its members, is the World Champion Agustin Madala, who is now only 28 years old.

Since Agustin’s arrival to the team, all its members feel that the team has been rejuvenated and energized, so much so that last year the team won the Open Teams World Championship.

Georgio Duboin - Guido Ferraro
Georgio Duboin – Guido Ferraro

During 2014, one of the players, Antonio Sementa, decided not to join the team and moved to the Angelini team. We have to add the sudden physical disappearance of Guido Ferraro. This meant the need to incorporate new players. But the alma mater of the team Mrs. MT Lavazza, took the determination not to occupy their places always with the same players.

Sra. Maria Teresa Lavazza
Sra. Maria Teresa Lavazza

The idea was to leave open some place for young figures that could appear in the bridge horizon or for experienced players when the event could need a more experienced player.

 That’s why one of the best Argentinian players, Alejandro Bianchedi, started playing in the team since the beginning of this year and the great Zia Mahmood has been part of the team in the team interventions in the American NABC.

 For Sanya 2014, at the Open Teams WC, Captain MT Lavazza added to the stars of the team: Bocchi, Madala and Duboin, Zia Mahmood, Alejandro Bianchedi and Ernesto Muzzio (Bianchedi’s partner for Argentine national events or international events representing Argentina).

Lavazza Team Spingold 2014
Lavazza Team Spingold 2014

Many bridge players dont understand the appearance of Zia in the team, since it is not from a Latin country and does not speak Spanish or Italian.

To understand the issue, the WBF decided to make a video where Zia and Duboin, Sanya 2014 partnership, interview each other and  explain to the bridge world why they are playing together and how do they combine their bridge styles.

Truly a must-see video, where Zia humor is a must… Giorgino not far behind … if YOU want to laugh a little bit … this is your chance:


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