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Mixed teams Championship






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In the 7th match of the ieght semifinal A matchs of the Mixed teams Championship, Nunes played against Rossard, Rossard won the encounter by 29 to 1.



David Bird
David Bird

Over a thousand of kibitzers who witnessed the match in BBO had the pleasure of being able to read the comments of one of the current best bridge authors, Mr David Bird, famous for his books in which scatters bridge humor and endless lessons.

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In Board 18 David elaborated on comments … this is what he wrote …

East Dealer

Board 18: Tabilla 18

 East opened 1, Compton in South passed, Voldoire passed and it was Fantoni’s bid when Brolucius (brother Lucius = David Bird) wrote:

Interesting bidding decision for N.

Fantoni decided to double…and David explained:

He doubles because a major-suit response will be valuable. Not sure what he would have done over 2 response.

 After Avon = opener pass, Compton replied 1. Fantoni continued with a 2 cue bid, showing extra strength with spade support, invited to game and y Compton didnt accept with a 2 bid.

This is all what David brought to the situation:

South is huge for just 1. Goodness me, only 2 now? South would have had to bid 1 on nothing. Surely 4 was right over 2?.

I like 2 on the first round. I see so many games missed by using the ‘transfer king’. It makes a 1 cover too wide a range, as I see it. Either way, South should surely have bid 4 at the second turn.

You can add 3 points for the 5-card major. Q is probably working and A a good card. (But I may be wrong……..)

Declarer received a diamond lead, and won the trick with K, when East decided to play a small one. Compton continued with two rounds of trumps watching the queen over the table, and played a heart, winning the trick with the Q, she played another heart. East continued with his A, and declarer claimed 11 tricks.

Bird closed the hand with this sentence:

I am sure Fantoni was polite about that.

At the other table N/S played the spade game with the following bidding sequence:Tabilla 18 a

Board 18

Quinn also opened with a 1 bid, but after Brewiak pass, Nunes opted for 1. Gawel chose to say 1NT,  Quinn doubled, and Brewiak showed his five spade cards with a transfer bid. Gawel invited to game and South accepted. Declarer also made 11 tricks but added 10 IMPs to his score.