Sanya 2014: An Elusive Slam


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Monday October 20, 2014

14th Red Bull World Bridge Series: Teams







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This Monday was played the Round of 32, of the knockout stage of the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Teams Championhip Open.

In board number 8 of the first segment, appeared an elsuive slam that was played only on 6 of the 32 tables. All declarers made their contract…

Rric Rodwell & Jeff Meckstroth
Eric Rodwell & Jeff Meckstroth
Photo: Peg Kaplan

One of this pairs was Meckstroth-Rodwell, the match was broadcasted by  BBO (thanks BBO): Sanya 2014 R32 S1 Tab 8

 The 1 opening bid was artificial, showing 16+, F1, and the cc says: All points can be adjusted in any situation.

Mecstroth upgraded his hand because of the distribution and honors concentration in the long suits.

 The 1NT answer showed a forcing game  hand, with a club suit.

 The 2 showed a diamond suit, and 3 showed support.

After that they only needed to know their keycards to declare the slam.

Lead: 9

Rodwell won the lead with the A, continued with the K and played a spade to the A. Pitched a heart in the K, ruffed a spade, played a club and claimed 12 tricks with a crossruff…

These are the hand results in all the tables: Click Here