InicioSantiago 2014: May 19th 2014

Santiago 2014: May 19th 2014

In the morning the Annual Assembly of Delegates of the South American Bridge Confederation …
The first and second points were:  Buenos Aires 2015 and Medellin 2016 , the two were shocking ! and both events promise to be unforgettable.  The most important issue was the creation of the Youth Commission formed by: Edward Rosen, Marcelo Caracci and Jorge Barrera.

At 14 pm began the South American Pairs Championship Final in its three categories. Early on I only hear about bridge and as the start time approached, the players initial calm was transformed in the previous tension that produces this type of event .
After the first session the Open category was led by the Chilean Grand Masters : Loreto Cuevas and Marcelo Caracci  followed by Hanoi Rondon and Jonathan Hantos (VEN).
In the Ladies Category, Paula Riedel and Adriana Deik Chile accumulated a considerable advantage over the consecrated Heloisa Nogueira and Agota Mandelot from Brazil.
In the Mixed category the Argentine partnership Maria Celia Pailhe and Robert Vigil ended first followed by Ximena Aldunate and Jaime Amon from Chile.
In the meantime, the pairs that didnt qualify played » Chocolates Frey » Cup the first session was won by Luis San Martin & Alberto Faigenbaum de Chile.
At 19:00 hs began the second and final session of CSP, finally after a tough battle Benjamin Robles and Joaquin Pacareu won in the Open, followed by Carlos Lucena and Gabino Alujas , thirds were Miguel Villas Boas and Joao Paulo Campos.

In the Ladies category all witnessed an end where 5 pairs were battling to end first until the last hand, finally an Argentina pair: Josefina Bello and Marta Tiscornia won the battle. The Silver went to Paula Riedel and Adrina Deik and the Bronze was for Jacqueline Meirelles and Ana Carolina Vidigal from Brazil.

In the Mixed category the Gold was for Argentina: Maria Celia Pailhe and Roberto Vigil who won from end to end , second were Morella Pacheco from Venezuela and Adolfo Madala from Argentina , thirds Vivian Jacubovsky and Roberto Martinez .

That’s all for today , tomorrow at 10:00 am begins the main event, TEAMS!!!! , I promise to keep you informed .


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