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Santiago 2014: May 17th

Palazzo - Cem Tokay
Palazzo – Cem Tokay ganadores
de la General del 1er Dia

Santiago May 17, 2014

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Today was a memorable day for the South American bridge.
Very early the hotel was invaded by bridge players, in almost every table the players were ending their last agreements… WGM Gabriel Chagas finalizing details with Tito Muzzio; his partner, beyond Paca (Joaquin Pacareu) and Benjamin (Benjamin Robles), an incredible Chilean pair who won two of the last four Southamerican Pairs Championships, also were Villas Boas / Campos, Ventin / Brenner and Lucena / Alujas, to name a few, Mommy! what a players.
Rona y Sra
Rona y Sra
 At 1630 HS o’clock began the event, all ready and CD Mr. Maurizio di Sacco gave the order to begin!.
And so finally… began the most prestigious tournament in South America, with a record! 64 tables with the best of the continent plus a large group of international players that increased the prestige of this event.
After the 27 boards that were played at the set time finished the first session, the majority ran to their room to dress in their best clothes; at 21:00 pm was going to start the Opening Ceremony.
Alfonso Rios
Alfonso Rios
As usual in Chile when they are the host…they throw the house out of the window. As Master of Ceremonies was our beloved Alfonso Rios; who after a brief introduction gave way to the two central speakers: Marcelo Caracci President of the Chilean Bridge Federation and Ernesto d’Orsi CSB President, afterwards with Gianarrigo Rona (WBF President) the three of them declared open the 2014 South American Bridge Championships, Santiago 2014.
Marcelo Caracci
Marcelo Caracci
For my part after the cocktail, led by Gonzalo Rubio’s brother; a group of friends and I went to eat to one of the oldest restaurants in Chile: Venezia, operating since 1925; where we ate the best of the best. Thanks Gonzalo.
Ernesto d'Orsi
Ernesto d’Orsi
Tomorrow the Pairs tournament continues at 13:30 Hs, the event is played in such a way that you can discard one of your sessions and there are some pairs who think they will have to throw away the first (lol), I will tell you tomorrow how all this story follows.

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