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Santiago 2014: Gottlieb-Lavazza Match

Thursday, May 22, 2014

At 11:30 AM started the 9th Round of the South American Transnational Bridge Championship Qualifier RR . The BBO VG broadcasted: Lavazza vs Gottlieb

Lavazza team: LAVAZZA, M T – BOCCHI, N – DUBOIN, G – BIANCHEDI, A – MADALA, A had had a lazy first day, ending at the 15th position. The second day the Lavazza players decided to make felt their presence and ended the second day in the fifth position.

The Gottlieb team: FREDIN, P – BILDE, D – REYGADAS, M – FRONTAURA, F – GOTLIEB, G finished in the 10th position after the first RR playing day, but the second day had accumulated enough VP to finish in the second position.

The match started with an aggressive and clever Lavazza, playing slam in the the first two boards:

Santiago 2014 Lavazza Gottlieb M 29

 Board 29 (1st of the match)

 After Fredin’s 1 opening bid, Bianchedi passed and Gottlieb showed his spade suit. Duboin interfere with 2. Fredin with a minimum balanced hand and no spade support passed.

Now Bianchedi took the bull by the horns and said 3. Showing his spade void and a very good heart support. South doubled confirming a good quality spade suit.

Duboin started his research for slam with 4, Bianchedi answered keycards but when Duboin stopped in 5, he stopped to think…and closed the slam.

Fredin led the K. Duboin won with the A, and continued ruffing the 2 in his hand and played the A. And begun a spade-club crossruff, he used dummy’s fifth club to pitch his diamond loser…He only lost the K…and scored 1630.Santiago 2014 Lavazza Gottlieb M 29 a

At the other table Bocchi in North opened 1, Bilde passed and Madala showed his weak hand with very good spades with a 2 call, West passed waiting for his partner reopening double…but it never arrived. Declarer was one down.

 The board gave 17 IMPs to the Lavazza team.Santiago 2014 Lavazza Gottlieb M 30

 Board 30

Madala opened with 2NT…Bocchi answered 3 (like Stayman), Agustin with his 3 told his partner he didnt have majors. Bocchi’s 3, obliged 3NT from Madala, to afterwards invite to slam with 4. Madala accepted and answered 4 keycards from 5, Bocchi with the Q closed the slam.

 The declarer played the cold slam, because diamonds were 3-2, so he only lost one club. Watch Bocchi’s video explaining the bidding and the best contract for the hand and why….

At the other table Gottlieb choose to open with a 2 bid, Fredin answered 2, Gottlieb’s 2NT showed a balanced hand with 20 HP. Fredin continued asking 4 cards majors and when Gottlieb answered NO, he showed his 5 diamond cards. Gottlieb continued with 4NT, inviting to slam but Fredin considered his hand wasnt enough and passed. Declarer made 12 tricks…but lost 10 IMPs.

 With only 2 boards  Lavazza was 27 IMPs ahead.Santiago 2014 Lavazza Gottlieb M 33

 Board 33

Bocchi opened with a weak 1NT and Madala closed the 3NT game. Declarer received the 2 lead.

Bocchi played a small club from dummy and West played his 10. North won with his J, continued playing the Q and the Q. Bilde ducked, Bocchi won the trick and claimed his contract: 1 heart, 5 diamonds, and three clubs. Santiago 2014 Lavazza Gottlieb M 33 a

At the other table Fredin opened 1 and Gottlieb, answered 2 (inverted minors), this gave Duboin the possibility to show his spades, leaving N / S unable to play in NT and ending as 3 declarer. Duboin went one down that gave his team eight IMPS.

The match now was 35 to 3 for Lavazza…The match ended Lavazza 17,77-Gottlieb; 2.23 VP.

 If you dont see the captions pls click in youtube:subtitulos




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