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Safe was taken prisoner once again by Fernando Lema

Buenos Aires, March 31th 2014

Yesterday I was playing a friendly match on BBO (Bridge Base Online). My partner was the Italian Master Giuseppe Failla, who last year brilliantly captained the Italy team in Bali’s World Championships, this was one of the boards we played:

diagrama010Dealer West, All Vulnerable

Contract 4. Lead: 8

Giuseppe won the lead with dummy’s . Quickly he saw he had 3 inevitable losers, 2 trumps and a diamond trick, but after West opening bid it was almost certain that he had a fourth loser in the club suit.

In trick number two South left dummy playing the J, West made the trick with his Q and played the 6, South ruffed.

Next South played a diamond to East’s A, who was sure, sure, really sure!!! that he was going to defeat the contract and so he was relaxed.

 He still had Kx and K off , so very relaxed and very confident he returned the  5, that was a serious mistake that left both hands (dummy and declarer) communicated and with a cold play, let’s see:
Giuseppe, who is an ace playing the cards, took almost two seconds to solve the hand, he ruffed the K in his hand, played A, continued with K and ruffed a diamond, reaching the following end position:

diagrama 011

At trick number nine Giuseppe simply played the 10, and West was lost, he only had clubs, so without much hope left his hand playing the 5, dummy’s Q won the trick, he continued with his good diamond, pitching the J and claimed the contract.

Well done pd!

This hand teaches us that we should always go over the defense, every time we win a trick! and not relax…dreaming in defeats…


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