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Ruefel Rabbit Has Hair Raising Game

The Milwaukee Sentinel – 4 Jun 1975 by Ira Corn Jr
Victor Mollo of England has written the long awaited sequel to «Bridge in the Menagerie.» a masterpiece of bridge literature. The new book is entitled «Bridge in the Fourth Dimension.» Some new stars join the old cast the Hideous Hog (the prince of villains, the expert who is always right!) and the Rueful Rabbit (the prince of muddleheads).
Here’s one of the examples that features the Rueful Rabbit playing a slam while partnered with Walter the Walrus.
mollo mano
If the bidding appears strange. Mollo agrees and explains it. The Rabbit was visibly rattled, and as so often happens, a slip on one hand casts its shadow on the next.»
South sorted his cards nervously and «in the heat of the moment» his 9 was placed with his hearts and the Rabbit thought he had six hearts and only two diamonds!
The Rabbit won the diamond ace and led a low heart to dummy’s ace, capturing West ‘s Q. Two high clubs were played and West discarded a diamond. Another high club was played and declarer discarded «his one and only — to the best of his knowledge and belief,» the diamond deuce.
Declarer ruffed a club to his hand and took the spade finesse. Then another club was ruffed and another spade was finessed. When the spade ace was cashed, this was the three card ending (remember the Rabbit still had his 9 with his trumps).
mollo 4
Dummy’s 5 was led and East ruffed with the trump 7 and Rueful Rabbit «overruffed» with the 9. «
As the card touched the table, he blinked, blushed and burbled. Checking an involuntary attempt to retrieve it he bowed his head in shame. Undoubtedly, that heart was a diamond.» It was East’s trick
The Hideous Hog was East and he glanced at R. R malevolently… cursing under his breath, H. H. led the 9, with a shrewd suspicion that West was short of trumps. R. R. let the 9 run to dummy’s 10 and a few seconds later it was all over.
Somehow a diamond loser had evaporated and R. R. lost only one trump.

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