George Rosenkranz

This bidding system was devised and developed over the years by Mr. George Rosenkranz of Mexico in cooperation and collaboration with Mr. Phillip Alder. The designation is a combination of the name of the developer and the country of origin of the person, who devised and originated the bidding system: ROsenkranz MEXico. as stated in the publication The Romex System of Bidding, page ix of the Foreword by Mr. Alan Truscott.

It is of interest to note that Mr. George Rosenkranz decided to designate his development The Romex System of Bidding and not The Romex Bidding System, by which designation it has become known.

The concept behind this bidding system is that Mr. George Rosenkranz believed that there were imperfections in the bidding style represented in the so-called Standard American system. He thought that the opening range of one suit was too great and should be revised in order to reflect a more narrow range. He also believed that the only forcing opening bid of 2 Clubs was too limiting and that other methods could be devised. His modifications and revisions led to the Dynamic No Trump opening, which in turn became a forcing opening bid, and to theMexican 2 Diamonds opening, which added more accuracy to the normal opening of 2 Clubs. Another feature of his revisions was the fact that the Forcing 2 No Trump opening become game-forcing, and all in all, the Romex Bidding System by Mr. George Rosenkranz contained at least four one-round forcing opening bids.

Another feature of the Romex Bidding System is the employment of bids, especially opening bids, to fit the nature of the vulnerability. The nature of the opening bids are based on three different states of vulnerability:

1. non-vulnerable

2. equal vulnerability

3. vulnerable

Another feature of the Romex Bidding System is the employment and application of bids, which shows:

1. controls

2. losers

3. Playing Tricks

and allows the partnership to better establish the final and best possible contract. This concept in the evolution of this particular bidding system represented something new in the concept of bidding and laid the groundwork for introduction of these features into other bidding systems to allow for different approaches.

Mr. George Rosenkranz is one of the first bridge pioneers, who introduced this feature into the bidding system. His bidding system has been revised by him and others via publications, which include the features of this comprehensive bidding system. The ground work of the bidding system is outlined in the publication Bid to Win – Play for Pleasure, co-authored with Mr. Phillip Alder.  [ilink url=»»]Click here[/ilink] to continue reading