Roman Key Card – Minor Suits

Using 4NT as Blackwood when the minor suits have been agreed is ineffective, the auction runs out of space all too often.  For this reason, many tournament players use Minorwood or Redwood, each of which is a more economical method of starting a control-asking sequence.  These conventions should be handled with care, they may be efficient but only when the partnership is well-rehearsed and on the same wavelength.

  N-S Vul






North     East     South     West

1       Pass    1        Pass

2       Pass    3        Pass


 3 was a splinter (not everybody plays it this way), showing Club support and game-values as well as Diamond shortness, at which point North is ready to launch into Roman Key Card.  What are your methods here?  Some possibilities: [ilink url=»»]Click here[/ilink] to continue reading