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Reykjavik 2015: Dennis takes Advantage from a Favorable Lead

January 31, 2015

This year the 2015 Rejkiavic Bridge Festival was played from January 29 to February 1, in the Icelandair Hotels Reykjavik Natura.

The Open Teams Tournament took place between January 31 and February 1 and the field was of 90 teams. At the end of the second day the Janet de Botton team won the event, with the Denmark team second and third the Gronaldo team. 

This is a hand from the third round, where the Denmark team (EYDE Mads, BILDE Dennis, HOUMÖLLER Jonas, HAGEN Anders.) defeated the ASTRO team 23 7 VP VP.

Rejkiavik 2015 Tab 25 a

Board 25

Hagen opened 2, weak, South doubled and finally after not finding a major fit the partnership landed in 3NT.

 West led the only card that immediately defeats  the contract: the Q …

 TheQ won the first trick, and a second diamond was played. East won with his K when South hold up his ace.

 The declarer won the third diamond round, to continue with the K, Hagen won with his A and run his diamonds…two down. Rejkiavik 2015 Tab 25

 At the other table the bidding was different… East chose to pass, Bilde opened wih a 2NT bid and they aldo landed in 3NT.

At this table the lead was the 3.

East won with his A, and Bilde played his Q…pretending to be short. East returned a heart, Dennis won with his K.

And counted his tricks: with the spade wueen on, he surely had 3 spades tricks, 3 heart tricks, one diamond…so he needed two club tricks. So he begun to generate the club tricks playing a low club.

West won with his J and played a third heart (a spade return helps declarer and a diamond return, a hold upo play cuts communication). Bilde won in his hand and played the A and a to theJ…when he won the trick, he continued with a club to the Q, Kristinn won with his K…but declarer already had 9 tricks …





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