Rebids by opener not easy

Ginny and Jeff Schuett
Ginny and Jeff Schuett

Source: Kibitzer Jan_Feb_2011

Many times, opener makes a rebid not because it is perfect, but because it is the best description of opener’s difficult hand or because it is the least of evils. The following questions, answers and examples should give you a few key points that should help you.

Do you need every suit stopped to rebid 1NT? NO, nor is it always perfectly balanced!

Q107 AJ4 AQT72 62
1 – 1/ – 1NT Typical hand

107 AJ94 AQT72 J2
1 – 1 – 1NT
No reverse, prefer to rebid 2

Q7 J94 AQT7 KJ82
1 – 1 – 1NT
Don’t open 1 and rebid 2

Can you rebid 1NT with singleton? Only in a suit partner bid, and only rarely.

10 AQJ4 QT2 KT862
1 – 1 – 1NT
Typical hand, good to have honor

AQ10 J QT862 AT92
1 – 1 – 1NT
With great spades and weaker minors, 1NT is best.

Is a simple rebid in a new lower ranking suit at the 2 level forcing? NO!

AQ1073 J4 AQT7 62
1 – 1NT – 2 Typical hand

A3 KQ1074 AQJ72 4
1 – 1 – 2
You can have extra HCP /length.

AQJ73 KT2 Q KQ62
1 – 1NT – 2
Over many responder rebids, will try 2NT next

Is it ever OK to rebid a 5 card suit? Yes, but somewhat rarely unless partner responded at 2 level.

AQJ73 432 AQ 632
1 – 2 – 2
Two No Trump is terrible, but nothing else makes sense.

73 KQ52 AQJ43 J2
1 – 2 – 2
Two hearts is a reverse unless you agree it is not.

With 6-4, is it better to rebid the 6 card suit or 4 card suit? Depends, but usually the four-card suit.

73 4 AQT642 AK32
1 – 1 – 2
With 2 good suits, rebid the four-card suit.

J3 2 AKJT43 K852
1 – 1 – 2
Bid this with great diamonds and minimum a hand and poor clubs.

KQ9763 AJ94 K2 2
1 – 1NT – 2
With two good suits, rebid four-card suit.

KQ9763 A4 KQT2 2
1 – 1NT – 2
With good suits/hand, rebid four-card suit.

KQJ963 A4 Q952 2
1 – 1NT – 2
With a good major and a poor minor, rebid the six-card suit.

Is it ever best to rebid 2NT with offshape hand? Yes, since jump shifts are a game forcing, compromise.

1 – 1 – 2NT
Too weak for 3, better than 2.

1 – 1 – 2NT
Great suits and tenaces justify upgrade.

Is it ever right to stretch to make strong jump shift rebid? Yes, but only with very strong suits.

73 AKQT4 AKQT2 2
1 – 1 – 3
With two great suits, justified.

T 2 AKQT843 AK52
1 – 1 – 3
With 9 tricks likely, hope responder bids 3NT.

AQ Q KQJ843 K852
1 – 1 – 3
Although similar HCP, the hand is far weaker, bid 3.

1 – 1NT – 3
Just too strong to risk missing major game.

In summary, opener’s rebid should create the best picture of his hand for responder. If you need to vary slightly from the “typical” rebid, go ahead and do it. But have a good idea why you are doing it or an idea of where you are headed. Planning your likely rebid before you start the bidding helps make the best opening bid and rebid later. With 5-5 or 6-5 hands, plan to open your longest or highest ranking suit and try to rebid your second suit twice unless partner shows primary support for the higher suit early in the bidding. With 6-4 hands, if you rebid the 4 card suit and partner rebids 2NT, rebid the 6 card suit to show the extra length. If you don’t like NT and get the chance to fully describe your hand to partner and they insist on NT, accept their decision and let them play it there.

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