Providence 2014: Thinking Bridge Day 2 by Eddie Kantar


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Pensando bridge providence dia 2

Bidding commentary: South didn’t know how he was going to get to dummy, but he wasn’t going to let a hand like this play in less than slam after partner had made a positive bid. East was glad that a grand wasn’t bid.

Play commentary: South expected entry problems and he got them. He noted, however, that the situation might have been worse. The 8 was a certain entry and if the 7 fell under the 8, the 6 would be the second needed entry. South was, however, cursed with knowing the percentages. The best play for the needed two entries to make the slam was to finesse the 6! Now if this held, the A could be cashed for a diamond discard. That would be followed by the Q. If the Q was not covered, South would discard a a club. West would win the K but South could regain the lead and use the 8 as the second dummy entry needed to discard the remaining club loser on the J.

Sad commentary: So South led a heart to the 6 at trick two. It was the correct play, but East, who couldn’t believe his luck, suddenly had the lead. He returned a diamond, allowing partner to take the setting trick with a club trick still coming (one was discarded on the A). East’s 7 had saved the day for the defense. He was treated as a hero. South is still muttering to himself.