Poor Tor!! by Fulvio Fantoni


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Hi All 😆


Our teammates, Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness, arrived a little late to Beijing for the World Mind Games (but in great shape as always), because of an unfortunate incident.

In fact, immediately after the Reisinger, while they were about to leave for Beijing, Tor got sick at the airport. And so, he was taken to a hospital. Undoubtedly, doctors said: Tor discomfort is a result of three boards he saw his teammates play in the vugraph in the most important moment of the Reisinger final:

The lead is in my hands. South’s pass after the 5 bids was a clear partner’s indication for a club lead, so I obey. I lead a and … 12 easy tricks.

On the second hand the French play 3NT.  This time everything is in their own hands … guessing the Q. .. exactly what  happened and another 12 easy tricks.

The third hand is too strong even for a strong guy as Tor. In an excess of optimism we got to a 4 contract. Our rashness is justly punished by a bad distribution… 3 down!

Tor enters the room and discovers that we got a full zero in that game turn.

With two turns to finish the Reisinger, with 6 points at stake, 3 were enough to mathematically be first, now after we received this beautiful ZERO we needed 1.5 points in the last turn to be mathematically first.

Tor begins to fade. His suffering continues because as he follows the match in his PC, our opps score in a row :1, 1 and 0.5 in the three boards; totalizing 2.5 from the 3 points available. Now he knew we had to earn at least 1 point out of 3, playing against a strong team: the Cayne team ….

The round ends… Tor is there waiting, but when we arrive, a clear nod brings him back to reality … we won!

Pierre Zimmermann, team captain, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Geir Helgemo, Franck Multon and Tor Helness.