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Polish Premier League 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bridge 24: Rafal Jagniewski, Michal Nowosadzki, Jacek Kalita and Wojciech Gawel.
Bridge 24: Rafal Jagniewski, Michal Nowosadzki,
Jacek Kalita and Wojciech Gawel.

In 2013 appeared a new star in the bridge constellation: Bridge 24, a team representing a Poland young players organization (access their  WEB page;  Click Here).

In 2013 they confirmed their light intensity when they won the Spingold 2013 in the Atlanta NABC, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. On that occasion the team formed with: Rafal Jagniewski, Michal Nowosadzki, Jacek Kalita y Wojciech Gawel.

Asociacion Polaca de Bridge
Asociacion Polaca de Bridge

At this very moment, Bridge24 is playing the 2014 Polish Premier League semi-finals, and is surprising to watch Bocchi-Duboin as one of the team partnerships.


 Last results:

Table   c-over seg.1 seg.2 Σafter 2
1 RAL Poznań

2 RUCH AZS PWr 1 Wrocław


At the end of the second match set Bridge24 was 75.2 to 31, lets see a board that cost them 15 IMps…

Bridge 24 sat Bocchi-Duboin in N/S and Buras-Narkiewicz in E/W.Polish Premier League 2014 SF S2 Tab 22

Board 22:

Buras opened 1 and South doubled. Narkiewicz showed his weak support and Gawrys informed his partner they had a good spade fit. East showed his second suit, Klukowski competed with 3 and West supported his partner’s second suit at the 4th level.

 Gawrys Non vulnerable decided to cut opps communicatons and declared the spade game, but this didnt bothered Buras who close the club game: 5. When the bidding was dying, Gawrys decided to sacrifice in 5 and Buras chose to double.

The declarer was two down, he lost A, A, A and a diamond ruff.

At the other table…other decisions were taken.Polish Premier League 2014 SF S2 Tab 22 a

Balicki opened 1, Duboin doubled, Zmudzinski said 2 Bocchi decided to interrupt their opponents comfortable dialogue with a jump to 3, showing weakness, and 5 spades.

Balicki showed extra distribution with his 4, Duboin NV quickly occupy the fourth level, but now the West hand had greatly increased in value, a double fit with A y K in partner’s second suit, so he called 5.

Bocchi doubled showing some defense, Balicki passed, but Duboin considered themselves unable to defeat opps and chose to play 5, after two pass Balicki, decided to play the club slam. Bocchi doubled.

The only lead to defeat the contract is a spade, but Duboin chose his Q. Declarer ruffed the lead, drew trumps, he lost the heart finesse and claimed 12 tricks and 15 IMPs.


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