Playing the Vanderbilt by Fulvio Fantoni


Written by Fulvio Fantoni on 20 March 2013.

Here we go! Vanderbilt is starting.

The teams on the starting line are 69. On Monday, the first day, the first 49 teams rested, while the teams between the 50th and the 69th played to define the 15 teams that reached the second stage besides the first 49 ones.
From Tuesday on, 64 teams are facing each other in a KO. The first four seeds are:

1) Nickell
2) Cayne
3) Diamond
4) Monaco

The seed #1 usually is the winner of the last edition (anyway this year things are different because Amoils team, who won in 2012, changed some of its players so losing the right to be seed #1). From the second on, seeds are determined according to a specific criterion that considers every single player’s ACBL’s score.
Then in order to avoid too many repetitions of the same matches, seeds #3 and #4 are randomly drawn and their position is attributed again. Same is for the seeds from 5th to 8th, from 9th to 12th and from 13th to 16th.

After two days of competition, all the seeds reach Wednesday except for #14, Schwartz. Some seeds had a slightly difficult time, for example Cayne (the #2) started the last round with a disadvantage of 7 IMPs, Lynch (#8) started the last round at +13 and O’Rourke (#10) recovered from -23. All the other seeds easily won their matches.

Hard times for Monaco today! We are going to… [ilink url=»»]Clik here to continue reading [/ilink]