7th European Open Championships

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July 8, 2015 Tromso Norway

Gustavo Chediak
Gustavo Chediak

Vicky is the daughter of Gustavo Chediak, the South American Tournament Director, and got her free ticket to participate in Tromso 2015, after winning the 2015 WBF Women’s Online Bridge Festival.

Yesterday were played the last two qualifying sessions of the European Pairs Championship. During the first session Vicky, got a very good score after an elegant declarer play.

Board 9 Dealer: North; E/W Vul

 A K 9 7
 8 3  
 K J 10 5          
 J 10 9
 5 2             
 J 7 6 2
 Q 9 6 4 2
 K 2
 Q J 8 6 4
 10 4
 8 3         
 Q 8 6 5
 10 3 
 A K Q 9 5
 A 7  
 A 7 4 3

The Bidding:

West   North    East       South  
Svedensen Chediak Brogeland Barendregt
   1    Pass     1
  Pass  1    Pass      2*
  Pass  3NT     The End

* Forcing Game

Lead: 6

East began the attack with the 6, dummy played small and West won the trick with his king to return a club. Vicky won the trick with her J.

Now declarer cashed dummy’s three top heart honors, in the third round North pitched a diamond and East a small spade. Vicky continued with a fourth heart that West won with his J, both North and East threw spades.

In the seventh trick, West returned a spade to Vicky’s A, she immediately cashed the K, despising the ability to play the finesse on the suit and followed with a diamond to the A, arriving to this four cards end position:

 K 9 
 Q 9 6 
 Q J

 Q 8 
 A 7 

Now Vicky cashed the A, and continued with the 9, pitching a diamond from her hand. East had no choice but to surrender, if he pitched a spade, declarer’s hand was good and if he pitched a club, dummy’s 7 was good.