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September 13, 2014

BBO was broadcasting the 10th Round of the Russian Premier League Round Robin in Moscow, Russia. At one of the match tables Brink-Drijver faced Rudakov-Khokhlov, on the other table Gromov-Dubinin faced Matshuko-Orlov.

This year, in October Andrej Gromov and Alexander Dubinin will be playing the Rosenblum Cup in Sanya in the Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Wojciech Gaweł y Rafał Jagniewskim, team. (Source: un slam 1

 Board 30

Orlov opened with 1 and Dubinin showed a weak hand with spades. Matshuko chose to double, and Gromov redoubled… seeking to deceive the opponents.

Orlov decided to pass to listen to his partner, and Dubinin occupied more bidding space with 2. Matshuko finally showed his hearts and South decided to play in 3NT, that being the final contract.


 Declarer received the 3 lead. He won with his A, played the K and claimed his 12 tricks.

 At the other table the World Champions from Holland projected themselves beyond…Eleji un slam

Drijver also opened the bidding with 1 meaning:

a) 12-14 balanced 2+

b) 17-20 balanced 2+

c) 12+ no balanced 4+),

and Rudakov also said 2 to show his weak hand with spades, but here to show his hand Brink chose a 2, cue bid.

After East’s pass, Drijver showed his strong balanced hand with  good spade stoppers with a 3NT call, but here North didn’t pass…he said 5NT asking partner to pick a slam. South preferred to play NT and said 6 of them.

At this table the lead was the 8…declarer won the first trick and also climed playing the K.


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