Only 22 days left for the next  South American Bridge Championship:[ilink url=»»]Angra 2013[/ilink].

Here you will find the photo albums since the 2007 South American Bridge Championship. These photo albums are now frozen in time … they are witness of who played … who won …. but first of all is a collection of happy moments …

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This year, as every odd year, the event includes a [ilink url=»»]Transnational South American Championship [/ilink] and for the first time the South American Pairs Championship will be playong for the [ilink url=»»] Gabino Cintra Cup[/ilink] . Everynyone who likes the competition this year is enabled to participate in these events which are open to all players in the world.

[box type=»note» style=»rounded» border=»full»]You’re still in time to be in this year’s photo and in the album …![/box]