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Partscore Points by Rixi Markus

PARTSCORE POINTS by Rixi Markus for 37th European Bridge Championship 1985, Salsomaggiore Terme bulletins


Many bridge players and writers think that only the games and slams are important, but I find that many small hands can bring in useful points. Here is an example in the match Germany versus Austria. Austria was having a very bad time in the first half. There was a change at half-time and Feichtinger produced this play which could have cost several points instead of which he gained a valuable point for his side.

Love all; Dealer East.


In the Open Room against three hearts doubled West led the ace of diamonds, East dropping the queen, and switched to the queen of clubs covered by declarer with the king.

Two diamond tricks were cashed leaving West on play, and he exited with a club, ruffed by declarer.

Feichtinger led the ten of trumps and when West did not cover he assumed correctly that West could not hold H Q J x x — and therefore he played the king of hearts, dropping the queen.

Declarer cashed the ace-king of spades, dropping another queen, and continued with spades until West ruffed. He was therefore endplayed and only came to one heart trick.

The hand was perfectly timed and declarer took his best chance to avoid minus 300.

In the other room four clubs made exactly, so Feichtinger’s good play gained one IMP.


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