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When Blackwood is not enough By Barry Rigal

Everyone knows that the ace-asking inquiry named after Easley Blackwood is usually initiated by a call of 4NT. We have all had disasters when

Cuando la Blackwood no es Suficiente Parte I por Barry Rigal

Todo el mundo sabe que la pregunta de ases, inventada por Easley Blackwood, por lo general se inicia con la voz de 4NT. Todos hemos tenido desastres cuando ...

Have You Discussed? When 4NT is not Blackwood by Barry Rigal

These days experts get very sniffy (in fact when do they not?) about using 4clubs/Gerber. While it is true that the traditional Gerber sequence only

Ha UD discutido con su partner? Cuando 4NT no es Blackwood por Barry Rigal

En estos días los expertos desdeñan usar 4 treboles/Gerber. Si bien la secuencia Gerber tradicional solo aparece sobre una apertura y re-declaración de

Cases For Aces by Bill Jacobs

Stayman and Blackwood are the world’s most enduring bidding conventions. Whilst Stayman has been played relatively unchanged for many decades, a cottage industry has sprung up

Casos por Ases por Bill Jacobs

Stayman y Blackwood son las convenciones más perdurables del mundo. Mientras la Stayman se ha desempeñado relativamente sin cambios durante...

A Contrast of Styles by James Jacoby

Both Bruce the Basher and Sam the Scientist held the North cards. See how differently their minds work.

Contraste de Estilos por James Jacoby

Tanto Bruce el Basher y Sam el Científico recibieron las cartas de Norte. Vea cómo funcionan de manera diferente sus mentes.

Sanya 2014: A Silver Medal Hand in the Final A

A nice defense developed by PSZCZOLA Jacek (U.S.A.) and WORTEL Meike (Netherlands) the silver plate winners.

Sanya 2014: Una Mano de Plata en la Final A

Una linda defensa de PSZCZOLA Jacek (U.S.A.) y WORTEL Meike (Netherlands): la pareja ganadora de la medalla de plata

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