4th World Youth Open Championships Official Site

Opatija, Croatia • 20 – 29 August 2015

Saturday August 22 2015

Several years ago, on March 1 1950, in her daily bridge column, Helen Sobel considered one of the best bridge players in the world of the time and Charles Goren partner wrote:

Bridge conversation is replete with cliches. ‘Always cover an honor with an honor,” “Never lead away from a ace.” “Second hand low” are only a few of dozens. It’s the “nevers” and the “always”in most of these phrases that make them lose their value.

Although Helen didn’t include: The Five Level Belongs to the Opponents, these boards played at the five level gave a TOP to some very aggressive N/S

Opatija 2015 Board 5 R27

 Board 5 Round 7

 Dellecave opened 1spade suit and East showed his heart suit. Da Rosa, showed game interest with a heart cue bid and West closed the heart game. North decided to play 4spade suit, and the non vulnerable East sacrificed in 5.

At this point Da Rosa, unaware that the hearts were 5-5-3 … thought E/W should have a better heart fit and facing his void said 5spade suit. He was doubled.

The declarer was lucky to receive the only lead that allows him to win the contract: a heart.

  West chose to lead his A,  the declarer ruffed and he developed all the unique plays that he needed to fulfill his contract. As Dellecave at this stage could not afford to give a trick, he continued with:

1) A and ruffed a small club.

2) He ruffed a second small heart and ruffed another small club.

3) He ruffed a third small heart and ruffed another small club, watching West’s K over the table.

This was the 7 cards end position: Opatija R27 mano 5 posicion final

4) Declarer continued playing the Q…

Whatever West played the hand was cold. If West pitched something, declarer pitched his diamond loser. West chose to ruff high, declarer overruffed and draw trumps with spade suitA and spade suit10…and claimed 11 tricks playing the J. He only lose 1 heart and a diamond.

The board gave them +850.

Delle Cave G. and Garcia da Rosa ended the second day in the second position with 56.62% acum. 

Opatija 2015 R28 mano 9

Board 9 Round 8

Although E/W have a cold diamond slam…N/S helped them not to find it.

After two pass, Kaplan opened the bidding with 2, showing a 10-12 HCP hand short in diamonds. Dikbas said 3 and North with his 4 asked his partner to choose a major. East decided to double and Kaplan closed the heart game.

West competed in diamonds and  North with a diamond void, knowing by his partner’s opening bid about E/W monstrous diamond fit, sacrificed in 5.

East doubled, and this ended the bidding.

Dikbas made the first two tricks with the spade suitA and the spade suitK to continue with a club. Declarer won in his hand and played a small heart, East won with his ace and continued with a spade. Dummy’s spade suitQ won the trick, and declarer played the K, two down = -300 and a TOP.

Kaplan A. – Oikonomopoulos I. ended the second day in the 10th position.