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Opatija 2015: Day 2 by Fernando Lema

Opatija, Friday August 21, 2015

Today began the Pairs Championships, played in four different categories: Juniors – Youngsters – Girls – Kids. It was a special day to play bridge because it rained all day.

After the first session I could see; regardless of age; some players complaining about unfavorable hands while claiming their partners, confirming my opinion regarding that the bridge players are all the same regardless of age and countries.

During lunch one director told me the following dialogue that took place during the second session in the Youngsters category, between two Italian players.

He told her, «you’ve played badly…my treasure» and then began to explain the hand, when he finished the explanation he added:

«Non importa, Io ti voglio bene stesso» (No matter, I love you the same)

See you tomorrow.

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