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Opatija 2015: Day 1 by Fernando Lema

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Opatija, Croatia • 20 – 29 August 2015

Thursday August 20, 2015

What a beautiful city!

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Opatija is a resort town that was once a favorite of the nobility of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its stately building retains the style of yesteryear including public gardens that adorn much of the city.

opatija bares

Its bars have extensive galleries and terraces overlooking the sea that makes the stay even more enjoyable. Many were the favorite online slots of artists, philosophers and writers such as A. Chechov, James Joyce, Gustav Mahler, Isadora Duncan and Giacomo Puccini to name any of them. Also in lobbies of hotels and businesses it is common to find great art.

In its avenues one can find many local designers shops. The people here are very refined and women are incredibly beautiful.

The Bridge:

Tonight was the 4th World Youth Open Championships opening ceremony. The delegations were presented, one by one, some delegations impressed by the amount of  its players, not to mention the Chinese delegation only in the under 15 category they presented 13 teams! Along with the Italian delegation are the most numerous.
Opatija FIGB

After the opening ceremony, all delegations went to the dining room for dinner and then, well guarded by their respective coach they went to sleep early, tomorrow at 10: 00 hs starts the action.

That»s all for now, tomorrow I will continue to report the news. Our Facebook users can find two albums on the South American Bridge Confederation:

1st Album:

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