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Opatija 2014: Monaco – Sweden

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52nd European Teams Championships

Opatija, Croatia • 21 June – 1 July 2014

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Friday June 27, 2014

In the fourteenth Round of the 52nd European Bridge Teams Championships Qualifier RR, Opatija 2014, Sweden faced Monaco. Before the match Sweden led the group and Monaco was third. The match ended with the victory of Monaco: 55 to 31.  At the end of the round Sweden continued in the first place, but Monaco had risen to the second place and it was only less than 6 VP below. Here are some of the boards that made ​​a difference:Opatija 2014 Suecia-Monaco M29 a

Board 25

Fantoni opened with 2 weak, Upmark said 3 and Nunes closed the 3NT game. The declarer only lost two aces… At the other table Sylvan (SWD) also opened with 2 and Helness also showed his clubs, but this time Wrang watching E/W vulnerability chose to double…final contract 3 doubled. Declarer only managed to make 5 tricks…1100 and 12 IMPs for Monaco.

Board 26

Opatija 2014 Suecia-Monaco M6

West North East South
Nystrom Fantoni Upmark Nunes
Pass 2 Pass 3
Pass 3NT Pass 4
Pass 4 Pass 4
Pass 4NT Pass 6
The End      

Nunes opened with 1, and Fantoni showed his FG hand 5+ hearts. Nunes showed his second suit and Fantoni closed the 3NT game, showing spade values. Nunes communicated his intentions to play slam. After a keycards sequence, Nunes arrived to the diamond slam. The spade lead defeats the contract. But though Nystrom knew declarer had a heart void chose the heart lead and …

Lead: J

Dummy’s K, Upmark covered with his A and Nunes ruffed to continue with a small diamond. West won with his king and he returned a spade…late…Declarer won with the ace, draw trumps, but at the end of the hand when the 10 fall over the Q…he used the 9 to pitch a club from his hand and claimed 12 tricks, +1370 and 12 IMPs for Monaco when game was played at the other table…a 24 IMPs lead….


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